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Why rotopremierleague.com is the best fantasy football site around?

Customisable Point Scoring

rotopremierleague.com is the ONLY fantasy football website that allows to you to customise your points scoring. This means, if you think a defender should be awarded for scoring the occasional goal or a goalkeeper should get more credence for getting a clean sheet, it is down to you.


rotopremierleague.com is the only fantasy site that allows you to bid and barter for your rival’s players the same way managers in the real world do. Really want Lukaku but his manager says he is not for sale? Test the water with an outrageous bid and see what happens.

Promotion and Relegation

Play in a public league with multiple divisions or create mini leagues with your friends with the excitement of battling for a promotion or fighting against relegation.

Cup Competitions

Are you languishing at the bottom of division 2 with nothing to play for? In most fantasy football leagues you would quickly lose interest but with rotopemierleague.com you can go on a successful cup run such as Wimbledon 1987-1988 or Millwall 2003-2004. Who knows, you could be this seasons cup fairy-tale.

Live Scoring

Out and about shopping with the Missus? Or down the park looking after the kids? With rotopremierleague.com you can find out how you are getting on with your weekly match up in real time with live scoring delivered straight to your mobile device.

Play with Friends

Whether you set up a private league WhatsApp group or use the onsite chat, the constant back and forth and rivalry as you play an old friend one week or match up against a new acquaintance the next, means that this season will be the most fun you have had.

Head to Head Fixtures

The adage ‘you can only beat what is in front of you’ has never been truer as each week you will match up against someone from your league in a head to head face off.

Play for free

We know Roto Premier League is the best draft FPL site going but this is only because of the blood, sweat, and tears (and money) spent developing the single greatest fantasy football experience. We allow all our players to play completely free with access to all the bells and whistles for your first 2 game weeks. If you love it – and we think you will – it’s just £1.50 per month to keep the full features going. Or, you can continue the season with the lighter touch-free version.


Throughout the season we will offer prizes so make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see when these prizes are up for grabs and give yourself the best chance to win.

Real Person Support

Rotopremierleague.com is managed and supported by its creators and owners. Got a problem or question, or just want to get in touch and tell us the story of your season?
Feel free to contact the RPL team!




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