Fantasy Scoring – Points v. Category

27 May 2017

Roto Premier League is THE ONLY Premier League fantasy football game where you can fully customise the scoring for your league.

To make it even more interesting you also have two options when it comes to scoring.

Points and Categories


Choosing which scoring system used in your league is a big decision. If you’re just getting started with draft fantasy Premier League, we suggest you go with a variation of the default settings – they’ve been fine-tuned after many years of playing draft-style fantasy and in our opinion result in optimal game play. That being said, if you think interceptions or assists from defenders are valued enough, feel free to tweak. That is the beauty of Roto!

If you go with the default settings, however, that still leaves you with the choice of method – Categories or Points.


Category scoring uses a number of statistical categories – goals, assists, clean sheets, etc – which can be won, lost, or tied. Whoever wins more categories wins the match.

This scoring method proved to be our most popular last year because it promotes a more tactical approach to each game whereby you need to pay close attention to your next opponent’s line up. For example, if you are playing somebody with Harry Kane and Alexis Sanchez upfront, then the likelihood you winning the ‘goals and assists’ categories is slim. Therefore, you may decide to pack the midfield and defence with ball playing, tough tackling players in an attempt to win categories such as interceptions, pass completion, clean sheets, etc.

For each category you win, you get a point. So effectively, you can win 5 categories and your opponent wins for which means you win with a score of 5-4 for that week.

Categories – Pros & Cons


  • Matches are almost always close – results can hinge on a single key pass or goal conceded.

  • More draws – leading to a tight league table that replicates the look of an actual league table.

  • Emphasis on tactics – do you concede the goals category and focus your efforts on getting clean sheets?


  • Higher learning curve – most people are more familiar with points-style scoring.

  • “Unjust” results – if your striker scores four goals and you lose your match because goals is the only category you win, you might feel unjustly robbed of a result.


Points scoring assigns a point value to each statistic for instance, the team that scores the most points wins. Points scoring is the most popular method used in fantasy football.

Points – Pros & Cons


  • Simple and familiar – anyone who’s played the official Premier League game or fantasy (NFL) football game understands points scoring immediately

  • Easier to find a bargain, for example, if a defender for a a side that it near the bottom of the table is putting in the performance of his life every week, you will be rewarded for all the points he receives for interceptions, passes, etc without being as heavily penalised for his team mates conceding goals every week which would result in losing the clean sheets category is you were ‘category scoring’.


  • Very few draws over the course of a season

  • Less emphasis on strategy and tactics

Ultimately you must decide which system to use for your league. There’s a lot to like about each method and you can customise either one to your exact specifications, so get creative and let us know what you think.