Getting Started

What is draft fantasy football?

How do I join a league?

Joining a public league


What scoring system does Roto Premier League use?

What is ‘category’ scoring?

What is points scoring?

Which scoring system should I use?

Who determines players’ positions?

Who decides on the stats?

Can we use the “official” game’s scoring?

Do you award “bonus points” like the official game?

How is draft order determined?

How do player transfers work?

What are ‘waivers’?

What are free agents?

How do transfer funds work?

When is the deadline for setting my lineup?


What are my subscription options?

I’m in several leagues – do I have to buy a subscription for each league that I’m in?

Can I pay for my entire league?

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

How do I cancel my subscription?

Other Questions

What time zone are times displayed in?

How do I delete my league?

If someone quits our league can we replace them?

What are the duties of the Chairman?

Is this the Ultimate Fantasy Football?

Is this a fantasy football auction?

How many fantasy football leagues can you be in?