Game Guide

If you have never played draft fantasy before, please see our article Draft Fantasy 101

For some general draft tips and strategy, please see our post Fantasy Football – Draft Advice

  • What is the draft?

    When does the draft happen?

    Where and how do we draft?

    What happens if a manager can’t make the draft?

    How is the draft order determined?

  • Scoring Method – Points v. Categories

    Stat Definitions – Category Scoring

    Stat Definitions – Points Scoring

  • Player Statuses

    Adding Players From Waivers

    Adding Players From Free Agents

    Club-to-Club Transfers

    Transfer Budget

  • Formations

    The formations available to you on your lineup page depend on your league’s settings, as well as your subscription status. Your formation will lock at the kickoff of you first player’s EPL match.

    Non-subscribers will be limited to a 4-3-3 formation.

    Lineup Deadline

    Lineups have “rolling” deadlines – meaning that players are locked at the start of their EPL game, so a player may be subbed in/out until his match kicks off.

    However, your formation will lock as soon as your first player’s Premier League match kicks off.


    If your league chairman has enabled auto-subs, then you may turn this setting on when you set your lineup.

    If enabled, auto-subs works as follows: players who play zero minutes in their game week will be automatically substituted for a bench player of the same position.

    Bench players are subbed on in the order that they are listed and there’s a maximum of three outfield subs per match (plus one GK).

    Substitutions do not affect your formation. For example, a MID will not be auto-subbed for a FWD.

    Auto-subs may only be turned on by users who have a paid account.