Game Week 1 – Updates:

11 August 2018

Just a quick message:

Firstly, from all of us at Roto; we’d just like to give a MASSIVE thanks to all those of you who have been updating us daily, helping us to make our game run as smooth as possible going into the new season. We would be no where without you Roto lovers and it’s always refreshing to know we have such a loyal fan base behind us who constantly help us grow our beloved game! Now let’s get into the reason you’re all here… Fantasy Football!


So, the transfer deadline window has once again slammed shut – the only notable difference being that this year hosted the first ever transfer window to end before the Premier League season commences, and what a window it was. Once again, deadline day did not disappoint, with a host of quality players moving to England’s Premier League. It’s now time to get your thinking heads on and undertake some clever budgeting to outbid the rest of your league for those new players that you need in your team!

Our waiver system works on a blind-bidding process, making for a nail-biting bidding war between league mates. Any new transfers brought in on deadline day, obviously will not have been drafted already. Therefore, they move to the waiver section. For example, Everton brought in an impressive trio on deadline day in Yerry Mina, Andre Gomes and Bernard. All of whom will be placed on the waiver list in your league ready to be bid on. Users have from now until Thursday 16th August to bid on these players who currently have not been drafted – this is also the case for any players left out of the original draft, these can also be picked up via waiver bids as well.

These new signings could also throw a spanner in the works to your team though, so be careful! In order to gain a waiver for your team, you have to drop a player you already have – so some of you may have been sitting pretty with every player exactly where you want – but if a waiver takes your fancy, you might struggle to actually fit him in – so it’s all about tactical thinking and anticipation for future games. Let’s say (for example) Harry Maguire, Sokratis, Aymeric Laporte and Seamus Coleman make up your back four. But you see Yerry Mina among the waivers and you want him for your team – it’s going to be a very difficult choice if you’re going to drop one of these defenders for him, of course an option would be to adjust your formation to a 5 back – (if you are a premium member of Roto of course) but then this is also counter-productive as it means moving either a striker or midfielder out of your team. So, think carefully, don’t waste your funds on a player you don’t absolutely need.

Waivers you should look at competing for:

Compiled below is a list of who we think were the best signings during deadline day that you should consider trying to draft from the waivers alongside a list of their most impressive stats – now pay attention because that one player you need to fill your missing link could be here!

#1 Bernard – Everton F.C:

  • Goal Contributions – 9 in 19 games (3 in 8 in the Champions League)

  • Pass Accuracy – 79% average

  • Duels Won – Almost an average of 5 per game! (quite impressive considering he’s only 5”3)



#2 Kepa Arrizabalaga – Chelsea F.C:

Clean Sheets – 7 (shows lots of potential for more to come in the future)

Penalties saved – 2/3

Goal – threatening saves per game – 3.3

Errors leading to goals – 0




#3 Andre Zambo Anguissa – Fulham F.C:

  • Pass Accuracy – 88% average

  • Defensive contributions – 5.5 per game

  • Dribbles – 77% success rate






#4 Yerry Mina – Everton F.C:

Goal contributions – 3 in 3 (World Cup!!) 1 in 5 (La Liga)

Pass Accuracy – 89% average

Defensive Contributions – 8 per game

Dribbles – 100% success rate




#5 Mateo Kovacic – Chelsea F.C:

Pass Accuracy – 93% average

Dribbles – 90% success rate

Duels – 4.4 won per game

Errors leading to goals– 0

Errors leading to shots – 0


#6 Andre Gomes – Everton F.C:

Pass Accuracy – 88% average

Duels – 2.8 won per game

Errors leading to goals – 0

Errors leading to shots – 0



#7 Lucas Perez – West Ham United F.C:

Goal Contributions – 14 in 35

Big chances created – 14

Duels – 2.5 won per game

Pass Accuracy – 68% average



#8 Kurt Zouma – Everton F.C:

Defensive Contributions – 10 per game (higher than any other player)

Pass Accuracy – 77% average

Dribbles – 81% success rate

Duels – 5.9 won per game



Waivers who will be the highest in demand are players such as Kepa Arrizabalaga: All users who didn’t manage to draft a high-quality Goalkeeper, are all going to be after the 22-year-old to put between their sticks – making for some tasty bidding wars over the next 5 days! Or those of you who missed out on a solid back 4 will for sure be after Yerry Mina or Kurt Zouma. The tension is building, and plans are in motion, each of you know what you need to do, it’s just a question of who’s going to become dominant in the waiver market. Make sure your mates don’t snap up that one player you need!


Happy Drafting!


The Roto Team.