Kane vs Salah – Who should you pick?

3 August 2018

It is now less than a week until the premier league season kicks off, meaning a lot of you RotoDrafters will be thinking about the team you’re going to be left with post – draft day, right? So today we’re tackling one of the largest fantasy FAQ’s… Kane or Salah. Let’s be realistic; you’re going to be lucky if you manage to draft either of these 2 goal machines this season due to demand – so should you get the chance, this is an informational blog that hopefully helps you decide.

Mohammed Salah (Liverpool)

It’d be an understatement to say that last season, Mohamed Salah set the Premier League alight. Electrifying pace and deadly finishing – as well as his ability to seemingly keep the ball regardless of how many people tried to dispossess him – en route to a record-breaking 32 goals.

The Egyptian King’s season saw him earn the highest fVal (Fantasy Value) of any Premier League player in the last five seasons, at 2.19. His 32 goals – lifted him above Cristiano Ronaldo, Alan Shearer, and Luis Suarez – which is all the more impressive when you realize that he assisted 10 more, concluding the season with a staggering 42 goal contributions.

The question remains though, can he do it again in his sophomore season? Can he even come close?

One would have to consider the sheer difficulties Mo will encounter when trying to retain his God-like status this year. He’s coming off a grueling league season that saw him play almost every minute of every PL/Champions League game, a disappointing World Cup, and a heart (and shoulder) breaking Champions League final. Can he hit the ground running and recapture last year’s magic? It’s a question worth asking if you find yourself with the #1 overall pick.

Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur)

With the lofty fVal of 1.77m; Harry Kane is the 2nd most valuable player in this year’s Roto draft. With a tremendous total of 30 goals last year. Harry Kane is consistently the scapegoat of media transfer gossip; English expectations’ and he is always under the microscope. Even with this level of pressure, he continuously steps up to the plate and has guided Spurs’ into a culture of winning. Coming off the back of a quite brilliant World Cup Campaign with England, in which he claimed the Golden Boot with 6 goals in 7 games. He has had a very productive summer, and Kane only seems to ever-increasingly improve his already substantial quality. Opponents have already tried their best to deal with the 6”1 powerhouse, but year after year, nothing works; Kane usually comes out on top – seemingly always at the top of scoring charts. It is well recognised that Kane will be amongst the goals this year, it’s only a question of just how many he will score in this campaign. He’s one of the favourites for the golden boot this year, as per usual. and judging by his current trend of producing an abundance of goals, this does not look like changing any time soon.

Who should you pick?

There’s always a lot of atmosphere surrounding the Roto draft – if you don’t keep your head on throughout it, you could end up with several unwanted players, it’s imperative you stay focused and have an idea of who is going to bring the most added benefit to your team. Harry Kane and Mo’ Salah obviously both have a list full of pro’s, paired with very few cons, if any. Therefore making your decision on which player you would rather have is borderline impossible. But we’ve narrowed down some facts and here’s how you need to look at it…

Harry Kane is a guarantor. He is certain to bring you a hefty number of goals, he has proven that for the last 4 seasons. Whereas even though Mohammed Salah had a season matched by no other in 2017/18, no one really knows what to expect this season. Your decision also needs to be based around on how your league’s point system has been customised. If goals outweigh every other point contributor, then Harry Kane is the man for you. However, your league may have been customised to incorporate other aspects of the game to get the most points, rather than just goals. Such as assists, key passes and take – ons etc. This is just one of the many factors that differentiates Roto from all other draft games! If this is the case with your league, then you might want to lean towards the little Egyptian magician. Last year, Harry Kane only managed 2 assists, taking his overall goal contributions to 32, on the other hand, Mohammed Salah tallied a whopping 42 contributions, 10 of these being assists, so he is more likely to give you the advantage in this case. Salah also had 79 successful take-ons compared to Kane’s 47, another point-earner that Salah is going to excel in. However, Harry Kane totalled 76 key passes, to Salah’s 68.
So, you see, the correct decision for you is going to mean basing your choice around the way your league has been set up with its custom points system, don’t just think about goals if other factors could weigh in more over the course of the season!

Think carefully! And Happy Drafting,