Playing from the back…there’s more to winning than Salah

23 August 2018

All over the world, our beautiful game is the subject of arguments and debates 24 hours-a-day; 7 days-a-week 12 months of the year. Everyone thinks they have the best tactics and the answer to their teams’ unsatisfactory performances – they know the next Lionel Messi by name, age, country of origin and position, as well as having no problem telling their mates down the boozer all of the secrets they know. That’s why we love the game. It’s one of the few things in our often negative world that no matter what, will always provide conversations, anticipation, and most of all, enjoyment… Here at Roto it is no different! We’re all full of opinions, tactics, and the average Joe is usually the next Pep Guardiola – and boy will he get his back up if you try telling him he’s not!
Anyway, we all love a good, custom, opinionated look upon tactics, don’t we? So this week, we interviewed Brice, long time Roto user. He provides a good judgement into the fact that in Roto- you’ve got to perform all over the pitch should you wish to come out on top. Anyone new to Roto or wanting to improve their league position should read what Brice had to say. He has an interesting ‘path to success’ within Roto and outlines how he’s learned from his mistakes and realised that sometimes; teams just have fluke seasons (We won’t be mentioning any teams by name… you know who you are) it’s not just all about goals or good attacking prowess.
“Last year I crushed it.  Man City, Liverpool, Spurs?  Lightweights compared to my team.  I finished with 101 points and a goal difference of +140.  Last year I drafted Mo Salah on a whim, before Mo Salah was “Mo Salah, Mo Salah, Mo Salah…”  Last year I trounced all comers.  But that was last year…
Fast forward to this year and I opened the season like Wigan Athletic at a cold, winter White Hart Lane: 7-0.  That’s me there, with the “0.”  As Phil Dunphy says, “WTF- Why The Face!”  Is it because I have no Mo Salah?  Maybe.  But there’s much more to winning in Roto than Mo Salah.  I call it, “playing from the back”…not that kind Arsenal.
If you want to win in Roto, it takes more than goals.  Scoring is important, but not as important as you might think.  It’s really about categories, and capitalizing on as many as you can.  That’s what I love about playing from the back.
See, last year I had Andy Robertson, Otamendi, Lovren, Vertonghen and Milner (who spent all year classified as a defender…poor Millie).  These guys racked up serious numbers, mostly in the net passes and key passes arena.  But they also tackle and have take-ons, in addition to getting points for goals conceded and clean sheets.  And once in a while, they score…in short, they’re prime for points.
So if you’re new to Roto, or like me you’re new to losing, take a look at your back line.  Of course, it helps if your defenders are on teams that play WELL from the back.  However, if you’re over-stocked with defenders that have little to do except kick the ball into touch; have a rethink.  After all, waivers are a manager’s best friend…come on Wan-Bissaka!”
So there you have it – a different, more conservative outlook on our game; take on board what Brice said! You never know, he could’ve just fast-tracked your team to the top of its league. Your team isn’t working out? Head over to the waivers/free agents and see if anyone takes your fancy – you could find some of this years hidden gems there.
Best of Luck!