What does it cost to play?

You can play in a league on Roto for free!

After two weeks, we’ll ask you to upgrade to the full version for just £1.50/month. Or you can save 33% by paying for an annual subscription – just £12/season.

What are my subscription options?

Subscribers get the premium version of the site, with all formation options, auto-subs, live scoring, and priority customer service.

Free users are limited in their formation options and won’t see live scoring on the match day page. They will also see ads displayed and have auto-sub disabled.

Why should I pay for your site if there are other sites out there who offer draft FPL for free?

For one, we are the only site that allows full customization of all scoring and rules. We also offer category-style scoring and are the only site that supports multi tier league set ups, promotion/relegation and a cup format for another chance at silverware.

Secondly, we are the only fantasy league that has LIVE REAL-TIME SCORING so you know how your team is getting on instantly no matter where you are or what you are up to.

We also have the hands-down, best transfer system of any FPL site, rivaling the real-world silly season. Each week managers must outbid your league mates to bring in new players, and you can buy or sell players within your league.

You’ll also get that warm, fuzzy feeling of supporting a small startup that’s been doing draft-style fantasy Premier League for years.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

We hope you think we’re worth supporting for just £1.50 a month. But you can cancel your subscription and downgrade to a free account. You’ll be limited to playing a 4-3-3 formation and will have auto-subs disabled. You’ll also be docked £10M in your transfer funds and lose access to live scoring on your Match Day page. Finally, you’ll see ads displayed on all pages. So yeah, why don’t you just subscribe? 😉

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription any time by going to your My Account page.

Can I pay for my entire league?

Not at the moment. Each user in your league must pay for their own account.