Waivers – How Do They Work?

9 August 2018

Our waivers system is a bit different than other draft-style FPL sites. Rather than using a waiver priority system, we use blind bidding auctions, just like actual transfers. (Note: we do have plans to build a priority waiver option this season…)

In order to add a player off of waivers, you must place a winning bid on him using your fantasy transfer funds.

If another manager outbids you, you lose the bid. If you don’t have enough funds to win the bid, your bid fails. If you place two bids involving the same dropped player, and you win your first bid, your second bid will fail because you are unable to drop the same player twice.

Let’s look at some examples:

Example A:

  • Bid 1: add Kepa / drop Courtois / £8M bid
  • Bid 2: add Kovacic / drop Courtois £2M bid

If bid 1 is successful, bid two will fail because you can’t drop Courtois twice.

Example B:

  • Bid 1: add Bernard / drop Courtois / £8M bid
  • Bid 2: add Kovacic / drop Bobby Reid £3M bid

Let’s say you have £10M in your transfer funds and you win bid 1. Bid 2 will fail because you no longer have the transfer funds to cover the bid.


Obviously it’s possible that two managers place an equal bid on the same player.

  1. first tiebreaker is the reverse order of your league standings
  2. reverse order of your league’s draft (first round)